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Restaurant Week - Oct. 31st through Nov. 8th, 2014
If you haven't checked out the Mariner Grille before, now is the best time. Those of you who already love the Mariner, Restaurant Week is the time to get great deals on some of your favorites or a few new bites. See details in the links below...

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One of my favorite restaurants! The baked stuffed lobster is the best I've ever had, and the fried oyster appetizer and the mussels bleu- I just can't rave enough! And all the staff are friendly and great. Anonymous
Would it be possible to get your recipe for the baked stuffed lobster stuffing? I seen it advertised on tv, but missed the recipe. Thank you Al al. andrade
We have had dinner at The Mariner Grille on several occasions. The food is delicious, the portions are large, and the staff are always friendly. I recommend The Mariner Grille to my friends and family, for a great meal and an enjoyable time. Anonymous
The baked stuffed lobster was out of this world and the waiter Chris was a WEB GEM Trey Wingo
If you ever experienced the old Hanson's Landing at the Marina, you'll know what good food is....
The Mariner Grill is the place folks! Same great food (if not greater)same friendly staff with great attitude, same cooks. Jeff brought all the good things to this new place with him.
And the Private Party space upstairs is AMAZING! Vic from old Java
Mariner Grille is Awesome. Great Food, Great Tenders- bar tenders and chicken tenders. Our Team Chaos goes after every game for beers and great food Justin Bieber
My husband and I followed the staff from Hansons Landing to the Mariner because of its excellent service and food. What a staff! Whether you're in shorts or suit and tie, you are treated the same and made welcome. We recommend The Mariner Grille to all our friends. Thanks for such a nice place to dine. elaine
Mike is the world,s best bartender!!!! Only problem w/ Mariner's is trying to decide what to order! The menu is the bomb, but then they throw in the daily specials! Erin
I have traveled the world over & there is no bartender better than Michael !! Anonymous

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