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The food here is amazing! It is our family's favorite restaurant!!!! Debbie
that bartender with the deep voice is the most entertaining person!!!!! Anonymous
Love the food here and nice atmosphere, too. Calamari and grilled pizzas are awesome! carolynf
I LOVE the place! The waitstaff is wonderful...in fact, Justin & I will be there tonight! Thanks to Jeff & Paul. Keep the great meals coming!! Selena Gomez
Unbelievable food...from the appetizers to the dessert. Great service, great all around meal. Kudos. Anonymous
My husband and I followed the staff from Hansons Landing to the Mariner because of its excellent service and food. What a staff! Whether you're in shorts or suit and tie, you are treated the same and made welcome. We recommend The Mariner Grille to all our friends. Thanks for such a nice place to dine. elaine
Mike is the world,s best bartender!!!! Only problem w/ Mariner's is trying to decide what to order! The menu is the bomb, but then they throw in the daily specials! Erin
great food GREAT bartenders!!!!! Anonymous
Mariner Grille is Awesome. Great Food, Great Tenders- bar tenders and chicken tenders. Our Team Chaos goes after every game for beers and great food Justin Bieber
Would it be possible to get your recipe for the baked stuffed lobster stuffing? I seen it advertised on tv, but missed the recipe. Thank you Al al. andrade

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