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The staff are some the best of any restaurant I've been in and the lemon grass calamari was out of this world. My entre of drunken scallops was the best! I would also suggest the amoretto butternut squash for a side dish. Doug
I love the Mariner Grille. It has an excellent menu with good prices. I'm very happy that Hanson's Landing is back as the Mariner Grille! Eric
Grilled Pizza was awesome. Great service also. Anonymous
Every once in a while we find a great restaurant when we are wandering around..Mariner Grille is Great with a capital G. My wife and I were so impressed with the food and atmosphere. Can't wait to come back. Peter McLaren
My husband and I followed the staff from Hansons Landing to the Mariner because of its excellent service and food. What a staff! Whether you're in shorts or suit and tie, you are treated the same and made welcome. We recommend The Mariner Grille to all our friends. Thanks for such a nice place to dine. elaine
We have finally found a restaurant we would recomend without hesitation. The wait staff is excellent and the food is great Anonymous
Love the food here and nice atmosphere, too. Calamari and grilled pizzas are awesome! carolynf
Your food is amazing, this is the best food I've had in a long time. By the way I'm Drew's friend Ryan drews friend
Yeah, it was great. Try it out. A hidden gem. Chris
Mariner Grille is my favorite! Ask for Christopher as a server, he is a warm friendly lovable guy CJC
Waiter Christopher Bryne is a hunk Anonymous
The food was great and my waitress Cathrine was one of the nicest servers that I've ever had. Cute too. I'll continue to go back. Anonymous
LOVE the drunken scallops and the happy hour specials!! Anonymous
If you ever experienced the old Hanson's Landing at the Marina, you'll know what good food is....
The Mariner Grill is the place folks! Same great food (if not greater)same friendly staff with great attitude, same cooks. Jeff brought all the good things to this new place with him.
And the Private Party space upstairs is AMAZING! Vic from old Java
The food here is amazing! It is our family's favorite restaurant!!!! Debbie
Would it be possible to get your recipe for the baked stuffed lobster stuffing? I seen it advertised on tv, but missed the recipe. Thank you Al al. andrade
I took family and friends here for lunch, and it is wonderful!!! Number ONE food stop on the way to the pier!!!! ENJOY Diane Thompson
The baked stuffed lobster was out of this world and the waiter Chris was a WEB GEM Trey Wingo
The best food in South County . . . Our favorite restaurant! I would love to see more clam dishes added to your specials . . . Zupa or steamers. Jean
Hey guys, how is everybody? I just wanna wish u all very HAPPY NEW YEAR, good times and keep up the good job until I come back. love u all(girls only) lol.
Right now i will give up one of my own fingers for one of your steak sandwiches.
From Armenia Anonymous
One of my favorite restaurants! The baked stuffed lobster is the best I've ever had, and the fried oyster appetizer and the mussels bleu- I just can't rave enough! And all the staff are friendly and great. Anonymous
What would we do without Mariner Grille! Fabulous food cooked with care and always great service (you rock Chris!). We have take out at least once a week when too busy to cook - just as good as being there. Tom and Gail
Just want you guys to know that my parents are very fussy and they raved about the food. Cindy
that bartender with the deep voice is the most entertaining person!!!!! Anonymous
On Thurs, 9/10 myself, and my brother & sister had an early dinner. The service was awesome, the food delicious and the drinks were fandamtastic! We had a blast and definetly will be back. Had been before, but take summer offs, so this was the first time we saw the renovations! LOOKS
GREAT!! Sharon
Unbelievable food...from the appetizers to the dessert. Great service, great all around meal. Kudos. Anonymous
I go here a couple times a month, and the food is delicious. Had the balsamic calamari the other night and am going back for more tonight!!!! Anonymous
#44 the bar tender knows how to mix a drink Anonymous
Mariner Grille is Awesome. Great Food, Great Tenders- bar tenders and chicken tenders. Our Team Chaos goes after every game for beers and great food Justin Bieber
We have had dinner at The Mariner Grille on several occasions. The food is delicious, the portions are large, and the staff are always friendly. I recommend The Mariner Grille to my friends and family, for a great meal and an enjoyable time. Anonymous
I have traveled the world over & there is no bartender better than Michael !! Anonymous
great food GREAT bartenders!!!!! Anonymous
My husband and I have been coming here for almost 4 years. The food is great, the prices are reasonable, the ambiance is romantic, and the service is incredible! James is who we usually ask for. He remembers what we drink and order from one trip to the next! We are locals and eat here year round... Michelle & Chris Richard
Stopped by the Mariner Grill this afternoon,first time we've been in since the bar expansion. The place was packed and we were thrilled that the best calamari in RI hasn't changed. You gotta try the lemongrass calamari, it's delicious. So happy to see this spot flourish! Cave
After a long hard basketball win with team hangover, our whole team likes to grab a beer and a chat with the hunk of a bartender Chris Will From Basketball
I LOVE the place! The waitstaff is wonderful...in fact, Justin & I will be there tonight! Thanks to Jeff & Paul. Keep the great meals coming!! Selena Gomez
While visiting RI for the week, we enjoyed dinner at Mariner Grille. The food was excellent - the Down East Cassarole was amazing! Our server Mark was friendly, knowledgable and made our visit to your restaurant a lot of fun! Thank you - New Jersey Mark Palange
Stopped in for the first time on Wednesday night 7/24 while vacationing in Narragansett. The service was friendly and the meals were fantastic. We will definitely be stopping in next time we are in Rhode Island. Louise
Mike is the world,s best bartender!!!! Only problem w/ Mariner's is trying to decide what to order! The menu is the bomb, but then they throw in the daily specials! Erin

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